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Operating Principles

The disc-impeller is eccentrically pivoted on the pump and is driven by the diaphragm that separates the inlet from the outlet. During the rotation of the disk is kept close to the body by the pressure of the spring elastic device.

In each position the disc is radially and axially balanced:

The arcs AB and AC have equal internal and external pressure.
There are parts that tend to remove the disc from the body.
The resulting pressure was constant and tangent to the circle described from the center of the disc.

tipi di funzionamento

Self-priming pumps reversible

pompe autodescanti reversibiliSelf-Priming Function
The high degree of in-take vacuum (500 -600 mm. Hg) allows the pumps to prime automatically without having to be filled in advance and with no need of foot valve.

The running direction can be reversed to invert the flow of fluid without altering the technical characteristics of the pump.

Low Running Speed
Permette l’adattamento a tutte le viscosità, il passaggio di particelle solide ed il recupero dei giochi dovuti ad usura o dilatazioni termiche.

Impeller Flexibility
A special mechanical spring device allows the impeller to be always pressed towards the external wall of the chamber, thus enabling its adaptation to all viscosities, the recovery of any slack, the elimination of thermal expansions and passage of small foreign bodies.

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